Last “love” songs…

We all have playlists stacked to the rafters and you know it! 

Let’s dig through those dusty electronically  downloaded “feel-goods” and dissect the last 3 songs you added to any playlist you have. 

Here’s what I need from you and your el telephon-o’s or laptop-o’s(? lol):

  1. Playlist Title (this should be good)
  2. The titles and artist to the last three songs you’ve added to any playlist that you have composed (pun intended) and what you love about these groovy sound waves!
  3. Last but, OH SO certainly not least – tacos or burger? 

Turn Up Or Transfer’s:

1. Playlist Title:

Jammy Granny (lol)

2. Song titles and artists and reason you love these songs:(click links to listen!)

When Will I by Monte Montgomery (click me 👋) 

  • From the get go this song bends my ear like one of those old school teachers that snatches the class clown out of his desk and storms out the classroom like a her-a-cane! I have never heard of this group but they are absolutely breath taking. The funky, crisp, sweet rhythmic flow of this song could honestly be the closest thing to my inner tempo/feel. If I were this gifted, I’d play like Monte Montgomery and that’s a certainty! Love this guy!

Please Don’t by Leo Stannard (click me👋)

  • Much like the above stated song, this song grabs you by the pants right out of the gate. His Andy McKee style of playing is jaw dropping as he strums, slaps and picks his acoustic into a bombardment of delightfully played notes that have notions of a percussion instrument. This is played over a sweet electric solo that is as smooth as my new jean jacket(I really wish I had a jean jacket). This guy is the “flame game”!

Wish I Knew You by The Revivalists (click me👋)

  • Man, this one really gets my knees sweating! (That’s a good thing-I think 🤔)😂 Not from an instrumental point of view, although it is put together excellently in that respect. The song churns out real funky chords accompanied by electronic steel guitar with a dash of brass backing that is mixed together like a bowl of homemade mashed ‘taters. It’s quite the treat!
  • But the lyrics blended on top of the instrumental composition gives me a brand new vibe, in a good way. Like a fresh start. A vision of desire with an awakening breath of life through a stunningly beautiful, dangerously sexy woman. A woman that he should have made the move to get acquainted with long before this poetic encounter, sensing an old grade school crush here. Nonetheless, they definitely use to know each other and this mystery babe still had a special place at his “lunch table”. The kicker here is that he didn’t know how deeply rooted her impressions of old were dug into him. This doll face was hitting my man right in the feels if you smell what I’m stepping in! Good thing they ran into eachother years later because this instantly sparked a flame – no, a raging blaze of passion! Don’t get me wrong here, though. His intoxicating ‘blast from the past’ has a mad rushing euphoria taking her back as well. Catching her off guard with feelings equally proportionate to his. Freaking great music! This kind of music really turns my skittles over, if you know what I’m talking about! 

    3. Tacos, duh! 

    -‘Turn Up Or Transfer’ 

    I’m outta here like last year!✌️️🎸

    When you want more than you have, you think you need

    And when you think more than you want, your thoughts begin to bleed

    I think I need to find a bigger place

    Cause when you have more than you think, you need more space

    There’s those thinking more is less, less is more 

    – eddie vedder 


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