Here’s to you Mom…

Tis’ the season – right? 

The holidays are always bringing back memories of the past. One particular Christmas that has stuck with me through all these years has inspired me to share a special moment in my life that started my journey onto the path of music.

This post is about my mom and her influences on my taste in music.

I’ll take this time now and thank my mom, or ‘Ma’ as I call her, for being the person she is no matter what. Needless to say, with any relationship, we haven’t always seen eye to eye but one thing is concrete – and that’s the love she has for my brother and I. 

Ma is one of those women that will always be interested in everything you say. It’s funny though, because Ma is an environmental scientist by trade, so you will see her brain gearing and pumping like a complex machine as you try to talk about ‘this and that’. Very analytical Ma is. 

And with that, she has a great, kind of ditsy, flower child essence about her. So, her take on music is great considering her unique personality and also the fact that she was born in the ’60s  ✌️️🌻

We love her though. 

I can remember, I was eight years young on Christmas Day in South Georgia. My brother and I are up way too early and mom and dad are digging the sleep out of their eyes trying to cook some coffee up while we rip through our presents like little untamed jungle boys. 

As I open gift after gift, I pick up a small square shaped present that read , “To: Alex – From: Rudolf”. (That reindeer was a pretty talented present wrapper to have no thumbs). 

But as I open this particularly tiny gift, at this point I am thinking that the big ones were opened and now socks and underwear were what remained. 👎

 While I tore the wrapper off I saw a CD…

My very first CD, to be a matter of fact.

That’s right! Semisonic. 🙌🎵

You know! That one hit wonder ’90s band that is infamously known for that punch the clock, lock the doors, “you don’t gotta go home but you can’t stay here” song ‘Closing Time’ (click me 👋)

At age 8! 

How cool is that?!

So, from there I was a sucker for music. She bought me a VHS of the Red Hot Chili Peppers live in concert – my all time favorite band and my first bass guitar at 13.

So here is a big shout out to you Ma! 

I love you and you’re my jam!

I’m outta here like last year! ✌️️🎸

-Turn Up Or Transfer

I just want to say I love you

Make sure you feel it everyday

‘Cause if today had been our last chance

It’s just something I wanted to say

-the sting cheese incident 


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