My Fantasy Draft: Band Edition 

If you’re alive, whether you watch sports moderately or not at all, you have heard of a “fantasy draft” at some point in the last decade, and you know it! Don’t argue! 😂

A fantasy draft, in short, is a group of friends or a group of random people that agree to enter into a league where each member within that league represents a team that will acquire players from across the particular sport of choices’ actual league.

So, no matter the sport you are participating in – whether it be football, baseball, etc.. Every single player in the sport is ripped from their respective team and thrown into this ‘draft’. 

For example, if John Doe plays for the Falcons along with his teammate Billy Joe in the real world, they would cut their ties as teammates and would be placed into a general pool of players. No assigned teams or no teammates until selected accordingly. 

From there, you are assigned a number to pick these players. Selecting them in a chronological fashion until all positions are filled to make the team run like a beast….or to make it run like a square wheel(my team this year)

Confusing, right? (Or poorly illustrated – either way lol)

Furthermore, I thought it would be cool to apply this same concept in creating an all star ‘team’ or band. No matter the era or genre, I’ll pick musicians that I think would fit well together and cement a group that would thump your speakers while bobbing your head with the foot tap subconsciously rolling to the infectious tempo of this imaginary dream team of artist. 

Starting off this talent rich daydream:

Lead Vocals and Rythm guitar:

David Shaw of The Revivalists 

I seriously cannot get enough of this guys raspy, upbeat voice carrying a taste of percussion with a cadence that’s right on time. 

Reminds me a lot of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But with all due respect, Shaw takes Kiedis’ revolutionary vocal style of singing with a pinch of hip hop/funk/rock style all rolled into one and takes it to another level. Understanding that without Kiedis’ creative approach to pioneer of this unique sound Shaw may not have his niche eithe at all (that is a total assumption but plausible in my eyes)

Check Shaw out:

Next up…

Lead guitarist:

None other than the legend himself – Jimi Hendrix

Although, Jimi has more of a bluesy feel than Shaw when it comes to his style of playing meausured up against Shaw’s vocals. This initially had my interest leaning a little more towards John Fruciante at first which I thought would compliment the lead vocals quite well. 

But after pondering on this key spot in the roster I realized that Fruciante’s foundation and style rests upon Hendrix’. So, that’s where this decision came from. And come on, it’s freaking Jimi y’all! 

Bassist: Victor Wooten

Wooten plays with such a smooth fierceness with tempo and timing like a quartz. Laying licks that’ll scrunch your face and turn your head while your ear bends to grasp the overflow of groove gushing through the amplifiers. He finds such a pure and unique bass line that fills in any lack sound that may have decided to not show up to the show. If you put Wooten in your lineup you’ll be overflowing with funky pops and slaps that will keep your drummer entertained and comfortable. With this kind of talent, Wooten can compliment any percussionist in a manner that is so right it couldn’t even dream of being wrong! 

The Drummer:

Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

This guy is a machine, thrown together by wild men with a little James Brown mixed in. Super clean, on time, picks up what the bassist is laying down and rides the gravy train into Funkelton-chesterville. Needless to say, the guy lines up next to one of the greatest bass players of all time – Flea. And if you can hold a beat sitting next to Flea you can hold a beat under water if you wanted. His natural rythm yields the notion of natural chemistry with his band memebers and without chemistry you’re pretty much as exciting as a phonebook reading on an early Tuesday afternoon at City Hall. And no, not Funkelton-Chesterville’s City Hall either. Check him out:

I’m outta here like last year ✌️️🎸

Turn Up or Transfer


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