About Me

Groove chasing, funk craving, smooth choosin’, music enthusiast. 
Living metaphorically by nature seeking to hone my skills as a musician, writer, thinker, feeler. 
Deeply passionate about all music and the rabbit trials it can entail, such as an informative/fun/discovering/interactive blog as this. 
Nonetheless, as I am a sucker for the beauty of music and how one ingests it’s melodic comfort through our senses – my other passion is science.
I study Mechanical Engineering (not a proper noun, I know, but the curriculum it carries donates such grammatical judgement calls🙌🙈🤓). So, with my field of study and how it essentially is Applied Physics – I can also appreciate the mathematical relationships music is built entirely upon. 
From the patterns of the minor pentatonic scale to the perfect sine wave of a string instrument being played.
Let’s converse, learn, play, laugh, discover and of course – jam on! ✌️️🤘