Daily(ish) Lyric Nuggets

Jan. 14th 2017

“Well I met her last September, and these days I call her mine

She’s my summer windswept Juliet my Autumn valentine

Yea we sit out on a Sunday to enjoy the sweet sunshine

And she says baby how I wish it could be like this all the time

But its gonna take a little rain

To let the grass beneath us grow

Its gonna take a little rain

‘fore the flowers start to show

Sure we’d all want it our way

But there’s some things we don’t know

Just trust that on the way to beautiful

Its gonna take a little rain”…

Gonna Take A Little Rain by Andrew Duhon

Jan. 13th 2017

“I tried so hard to be the person

Everybody thought I was

I pushed myself

And everyone

Almost over the edge

This mirrored light that sends back

Everything that you send out

This grace you give

Gives back

Lovin’ every minute You live”…

– Every Minute by JJ Grey & Mofro

Dec. 17th 2016

“I don’t wanna rock and roll no more. 

At least not the way I did, back before. 

That life tried to kill me

To tell the truth it never thrilled me”…

Rock and Roll by Cody Jinks 

Dec. 16th 2016

“I change my gear shift into drive 

Gonna stay awake while I’m alive 

With good humor and a shoddy plan 

I can set afire to my strawman 

But hey you know things could always be easier 

Hey but though we all complain”…

Straw man by The Revivalists